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According to the attorneys general, Meta purposely crafted Instagram and Facebook to target youth and ensure they stay hooked on their products.

Like Glue

A cluster of US states, with California and New York leading the charge, have slapped Meta Platforms Inc. with a legal scolding. Their beef? Accusing the tech giant of playing puppet master with the emotions of youngsters and cooking up features on Instagram and Facebook that get kids hooked, all while contributing to the youth's mental health roller coaster.

In this courtroom drama, 33 states filed a lawsuit in sunny California, asserting that Meta has a habit of swiping data from kids under 13 without their parents' permission, a big no-no in federal law. Folks in the know suggest that having a treasure trove of information about the little ones makes it a whole lot easier to get them hooked on their product. On top of that, nine attorneys general from various states are also joining the legal fight, making it a grand total of 41 states and Washington, D.C. saying, "Enough is enough!"

Better Safe Than Sorry

In the realm of tech worries, a few AI bigwigs have sounded the alarm bells. They're saying that today's AI systems are like wild horses showing off their potential to eventually become fully autonomous, capable of setting goals and taking action. To combat this digital rebellion, they suggest policies for AI babysitting. This includes making sure AI models tattle on themselves when they misbehave, setting up roadblocks to stop rogue models from multiplying like rabbits, and handing regulators a "pause" button for those unruly AI models.

However, not everyone in the AI club is convinced that the robot apocalypse is nigh. Some argue that we're getting all worked up over nothing. But there's a harsh reality check here: there are more rules governing sandwich shops than the companies crafting our AI future, and that's a pretty troubling sandwich indeed.

Growing unease in the public revolves around the lack of AI regulations.

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