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Helios appreciates the importance of human experts, while other sources are actively seeking professional advice.

No “I” In Team (but “I” in AI)

In the latest headlines, OpenAI is on the hunt for experts with diverse backgrounds to put their systems under the microscope and help craft responses that are as responsible as they are sharp. This mission is dubbed "Red teaming," a practice where plans, policies, systems, and assumptions get roasted with a healthy dose of adversarial scrutiny. Whether it's an external hired gun or an internal think tank, these Red teams bring an outsider's perspective to the table.

On the flip side, there's "Blue teaming," which is all about playing defense and swooping in when trouble's already brewed, kind of like the lifeguard who shows up after you've already taken a dip in shark-infested waters. Red teaming encourages us to think bigger and bolder, taking a holistic view rather than waiting for the alarm bells to ring. 🔔 

“Helios is on a mission to unleash a new set of technologies that provide a more intimate connection between humans and machines.”

Sean Austin, Co-Founder & CEO of Helios
Danger Zone ⚠️ 

When AI and humans don't collaborate, we're treading on shaky ground. Take healthcare, for instance. During the pandemic, AI came to the rescue of overwhelmed healthcare workers. But, if there's no human captain steering the AI ship, we're talking about real risks - people's lives are on the line. The ethical and legal complexities of relying on bots for patient care are extensive. It's crucial to proceed cautiously until safety measures have been established and mandated. In a nutshell, allowing AI to take the reins as the expert without human oversight is like sending a robot tightrope-walking without a safety net.

Being certain that human oversight is present can literally be a life-saver!

Helios understands that sometimes human involvement is preferred.

With nearly 40% of human communication conveyed through vocal tone, why not tap into a valuable resource for a sharper, more profitable perspective?

Leave It To the Experts

Choose the winning team with Helios! Our cutting-edge AI technology Helios' Earnings Polygraph™, doesn't merely tune in to earnings calls; it excels at deciphering the emotions and subtleties in the voices of corporate leaders. What sets us apart is our team of real experts who collaborate with our AI, guiding you toward those lucrative trading opportunities.

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Helios is partnering with Markets EQ! Markets EQ empowers you to make smarter decisions by decoding the language of business. This exciting conversational AI platform analyzes earnings calls, presentations, and executive communications to uncover strategic insights through natural conversations.

Helios’ unique data is now fused with dozens of other key behavioral techniques to offer a simple, web-based tool for professionals across the corporate world.

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Helios’ Sean Austin is featured on The Disruption is Now podcast! Click below to access and listen to Sean's valuable insights.

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Finance Fact of the Week: Most online banking users fall in the 25-34 age group, with 93% using online banking.
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