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Helios can provide assistance as an increasing number of individuals express worries about the destination of their money.

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The Federal Reserve is reportedly gearing up to suggest a reduction in the "swipe fees" that merchants fork over to banks when customers use debit cards. Merchants have long been clamoring for this change, as the current fee structure charges them 21 cents plus 0.05% of the transaction amount for every debit card payment. But brace yourselves, as this proposal is likely to ignite a fierce battle with banks, who raked in over $16 billion from these fees last year, arguing that these funds are vital for their debit card fraud protection initiatives.

Work Remote or Bust

Speaking of money matters, have you tried to secure a daycare spot for your child lately? With some childcare places shuttered due to COVID-19, finding suitable options has become a real puzzle. Regulations, staffing headaches, and employer indifference to childcare all add to the challenge for working parents. As a result, remote work seems to be the only lifeline for many families, as childcare costs just don't square with their budgets. Bank of America's recent analysis tells us that average monthly childcare expenses in September shot up by 32% since 2019. So, it's a real financial tightrope out there for parents! reported that infant care in the US averages around $39,000 per year with it costing around $45,000 for parents living in New York City.

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Finance Fact of the Week: Out of all lottery ticket purchasers, a mere 5% contribute to a whopping 51% of the total tickets sold.
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