I Dare You

Helios helps investors make wise investments in a time of cautious spending.

Both Hulu and Disney+ are set to raise the prices for their streaming services beginning October 14, 2023.

Gently Down the Stream

Subscription services are putting viewers' loyalty to the test. With prices having gone up by almost 25% in the past year, households are now having to watch their wallets when it comes to streaming options. They're calling it "streamflation," but no matter the name, it's happening. Around 85% of households in the US have hopped on the streaming bandwagon with at least one video streaming service. People are leaning towards cheaper subscription deals that come with ads. The days of snagging cheap, ad-free streaming are fading away, making room for premium plans that you'll need to budget for. 💸 

Take Me Home

Major retail giants are feeling the impact of consumers opting for more cautious spending. While people are directing more funds towards purchasing electronics and cars, they're tightening their belts when it comes to expenses at grocery stores and home improvement outlets. Richard McPhail, Chief Financial Officer at Home Depot, said that people's hesitancy to make significant purchases seems to be linked to the currently higher interest rates. No matter what's causing the decline in consumer spending, major retail companies are optimistic that this is just a short period where people are cutting back on their expenses. 💳️ Credit cards to the rescue!

“We looked at 2023 as a year of moderation after the explosive growth we had the prior few years…When we do get through this period of moderation, we remain incredibly bullish on the sector.”

Ted Decker -- Home Depot Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer

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Luck of The Irish 🍀 

Yesterday, Bank of Ireland encountered a technical issue that allowed customers to withdraw funds they didn't have. The withdrawal limit, initially set at €500, was unexpectedly raised to €1,000, even for those with insufficient funds. This led to queues forming at ATMs as some individuals capitalized on the situation, resulting in police presence in certain areas. The bank subsequently informed customers that the surplus amounts would be debited from their accounts. Bank of Ireland expressed regret for the occurrence and the inconvenience it caused, and they had to temporarily suspend their website and limit service access to address the problem. The bank has confirmed that they have effectively resolved the matter and reinstated normal operations.

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Finance Fact of the Week: The U.S has approximately 1.16 billion dollars being managed by robo advisors, the most of any other country. (statista.com) 
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