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As AI continues to enhance our senses, Helios offers amplified listening for investors.

Apple Eyes, Helios Ears…

What lies ahead? Advanced AI tools are revolutionizing human experiences, and Helios is at the forefront of deciphering the subtle tonal nuances that significantly influence our perception of communication. Here’s some breakthroughs in tech that are game changers:

  • Sight: With the release of Apple’s Vision Pro, people now have the ability to combine the real and digital world.

  • Smell: Out of all of our senses, scent is the strongest. Google’s Osmo is working on teaching computers how to smell. This can lead to a variety of implications such as disease detection, memory recall, and much more.

  • Touch: Recently, a team of scientists in France and Switzerland used AI to help a man with a decade-long paralysis be able to walk again. He had suffered a spinal cord injury and technology was implanted in his brain that electrically activated the area that was preventing his movement.

  • Taste: Firmenich made the first ever flavor produced by AI which has allowed plant-based meat alternatives to actually taste like meat. Good news for the vegans that were considering that burger.

and saving the best for last (We are clearly unbiased here 😉)

  • Hearing: Helios offers a suite of products and packages that can elevate your auditory experience - which can be particularly beneficial when tuning into earnings calls and aiming to make the most informed financial decisions.

New Meaning for AI

At Helios, the term AI refers to Amplified Intelligence. Our range of products enable users to enhance their comprehension of subtle and intricate nuances of expression that may be concealed. Currently, our Earnings Polygraph™ primarily targets the banking sector, but its potential extends far beyond. We eagerly anticipate a future full of limitless possibilities with you!

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Jessica Steward

Product Lead, Earnings Polygraph

Finance Fact of the Week/ Home Gardening Advice: Pennies planted in a garden can repel slugs.
About Helios

Helios Life Enterprises is a trailblazer in the realm of voice-based tonal analytics, spearheading futuristic advancements in this field. As the sole company to conceive and engineer an exclusive data platform, Helios offers cutting-edge systematic analytics of an executive’s voice during critical corporate events. These advanced analytics have the power to forecast future stock performance and volatility. To delve deeper into our visionary solutions, book a meeting with a member of the Helios team.