🔥 It's Getting Hot in Here

As temperatures rise, so do the successes of Barbie, Oppenheimer, and the influencer scene!

Extreme Heat = Diminishing Productivity

Too Hot to Handle 🌡️📉

Amid unprecedented temperatures, Amazon workers bravely illuminate the challenges of 100-degree conditions, highlighting the broader impact of scorching heat on both labor and the economy. ☀️😓

"Hotter temperatures appear to muck up the gears of the economy in many more ways than we would have expected," cautions R. Jisung Park, an environmental and labor economist at the University of Pennsylvania. The ripple effects of extreme heat touch various sectors, including traditional fields and modern industries like factories, warehouses, and energy firms. “We know that the impacts of climate change are costing the economy,” said Kathy Baughman McLeod, director of the Adrienne Arsht-Rockefeller Foundation Resilience Center. “The losses associated with people being hot at work, and the slowdowns and mistakes people make as a result are a huge part.”

In 2021, heat exposure led to a loss of 2.5 billion labor hours across U.S. sectors like agriculture, construction, and more. The economic toll is staggering, with a $100 billion hit in 2020 alone, projected to surge to $500 billion annually by 2050. As temperatures climb, productivity dips: 25% at 90 degrees, a substantial 70% plunge beyond 100.

Climate change is poised to result in economic losses totaling billions of dollars over the next five decades. What effect will the heat wave have on the companies in which you invest your funds?

Voice Revelations

At Helios, we tap into the expressive world of voice, which holds the key to a realm of emotions. Beyond mere words, our tones, inflections, and cadences infuse conversations with depth. Voice carries emotions that text cannot fully convey. Scientific research shows how voice unveils feelings, influencing our understanding of mood, sincerity, and intentions. Subtle shifts in pitch, volume, and speech rhythm offer valuable cues about emotions, facilitating meaningful connections with others.

The value of tone weighs more heavily than text in communication. Helios offers you insight that cannot be derived from reading transcripts.

Helios' Earnings Polygraph™, uncovers the significance beneath the tone. Here are a few key takeaways that tonal analysis can unveil:

  1. Speaking quickly and with raised volume indicates a state of nervousness.

  2. The selection of words, including phrases like 'challenges' and 'headwinds,' coupled with vocal strain, indicates a struggle to acknowledge difficulties.

Step into the captivating world of Helios - there's more to explore, and we want you to be part of the excitement!

🎬🍿 Lights, Camera, Record-Breaking Action!

Speaking of excitement, AMC Theaters (AMC), the world's largest cinema chain, is marking a monumental moment in its 103-year history. The extraordinary success of the "Barbenheimer" phenomenon propelled AMC to its highest single-week admissions revenue ever, tracing back to its inception in 1920. 🚀

Greta Gerwig's "Barbie" took the spotlight, igniting the box office with a remarkable $162 million opening weekend domestically—setting a 2023 record and marking the largest-ever debut for a female director. "Oppenheimer" followed suit, strong out of the gate with $82.5 million.

🔥🔥🔥 Within just 10 days, the combined global box office earnings of both films have surged past the billion-dollar milestone.

Which is popular in your state? Barbie (Pink) or Oppenheimer (Blue)

Influencers Being Influenced 🤔🌟

In the ever-changing realm of digital advertising, the rise of creator marketing, propelled by influencers and social media icons, is reshaping brand-audience connections. Influencer marketing spending is set to hit a whopping $4.6 billion this year in the U.S., underlining the undeniable potential of the creator economy. 💰💡Goldman Sachs Research predicts the creator economy's market could grow from $250 billion to nearly half a trillion dollars by 2027. 💥

Merely 4% of influencers are pros, earning over $100,000 annually. As the U.S. economy grapples with inflationary pressure, brand spending might wane, and content creators seek stability.

Enter paid ads on influencer channels—the ultimate game-changer for marketers. According to Meta's reports, combining Partnership Ads (their branded content ads) with business-as-usual ads delivers stunning results: 53% higher click-through rates, 19% lower cost per actions, and a whopping 99% probability to outperform BAU ads alone.

And the perks don't stop there. Paid ads on influencer channels offer real-time campaign performance tracking through comprehensive analytics. This empowering feature lets advertisers make informed decisions and optimize their ads. Now that's some serious impact! 🎯

See you next week!

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Jessica Steward

Product Lead, Earnings Polygraph™

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