Let's Go Shopping!

As retail giants make challenging choices, where you invest your time and money gains increasing significance.

Monopoly 🧐 

Playing Monopoly is all fun and games, but when it comes to big business, it's a different story. Amazon finds itself in hot water, facing a lawsuit from the FTC across 17 states due to its firm grip on online spending. The lawsuit isn't aimed at ousting Amazon entirely but rather at leveling the playing field for other sellers. It's reported that Amazon grabs a hefty 45 percent of a seller's profit when a customer makes a purchase through them, and, not surprisingly, Amazon often gives its own products the top billing as the best deal. Essentially, Amazon stands accused of playing unfairly, and the critics have divided into camps – some crying "monopoly" while others chuckle it off. In any case, this case promises to be an intriguing one to keep an eye on as it unfolds.

Off Target 🎯 

Here's another tale fresh from the retail realm. Target is giving the "no entry" sign to some of its stores in major cities, all thanks to the unwelcome guest of theft. This isn't your run-of-the-mill closure where they politely give you time to adjust – Target is swinging those doors shut faster than you can say "sticky fingers." They're not just doing it for kicks, though. Target believes the shopping experience is about as safe as a tightrope walk over a shark tank in these places, not to mention the hit to their bottom line. In a statement, Target expressed its love for being the neighborhood superhero but made it clear that success only works if everyone is playing it safe. So, if you're in the Big Apple, by the Golden Gate, cruising in Oakland, strolling in LA, hanging in Houston, or sipping coffee in Seattle, know that Target is locking up shop in your town. 🛍️ 🛒 

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Finance Fact of the Week: Iceland holds the record for the highest usage of debit and credit cards compared to any other nation globally.
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