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Helios weighs in on today's Mattel call, raised rates, fossil fuels and AI safety.

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All Ears on Mattel

Barbie made a splash in theaters on July 21st, and now all eyes are fixed on Mattel as they gear up for today's 5pm EDT earnings call. The Helios AI has picked up an abnormally high divergence in text tone versus voice tone from the previous Mattel call—a sign of potential market volatility ahead. Let's keep an ear out for the particular conviction, confidence, and bullishness in this call, especially with the initial Barbie movie stats and the focus on Barbie properties' impact on revenue and EBITDA. It's going to be an exciting one!

🎯 If we spot a bullseye—a clear and transparent conviction—from today's call, we can anticipate upward movement (such as a rise in the company's stock price or other positive developments).

Will the Fed Raise Rates Again? Ben Bernanke Weighs In!

Today, the Federal Open Market Committee will unveil its interest rate decision. Ben Bernanke, the former chair of the Federal Reserve, suggests a high likelihood of a 25 basis points increase. However, there's a glimmer of hope as he also hints that this could be the final increase for July. The markets have been riding high on the possibility that the Fed's tightening cycle is nearing its conclusion, especially with a decline in inflation. September might just bring some much-needed relief. 🤞 

Fossil Fuel Royalty Spike Sparks Uncertainty in ESG Markets

"The Interior Department has taken several steps over the last two years to ensure the federal oil and gas program provides a fair return to taxpayers, adequately accounts for environmental harms, and discourages speculation by oil and gas companies," affirmed Laura Daniel-Davis, the Interior Department's principal deputy assistant secretary for land and minerals management. "This new proposed rule will help fully codify those goals and lead to more responsible leasing and development processes."

The plan also includes a tenfold boost in pre-drilling bonds, potentially costing companies $1.8 billion until 2031. The goal is to ensure a fair return to taxpayers and promote responsible leasing and development.

However, this groundbreaking move is stirring up ESG markets, causing heightened uncertainty and volatility. Holly Hopkins, VP at the American Petroleum Institute, criticized the action, stating, "Amidst a global energy crisis, this move from the Department of the Interior adds more barriers to future energy production." Brace for impact as the industry reacts to these transformative measures.

AI Safety For All

Last Friday, July 21st, a powerhouse consortium comprising Amazon, Anthropic, Google, Inflection, Meta, Microsoft, and OpenAI gathered at the White House, taking a voluntary stride to secure the future of AI. Together, they forged agreements on export restrictions for large language models, stringent security testing, and extensive research to combat disinformation and biases.

“We must be clear-eyed and vigilant about the threats emerging from emerging technologies that can pose — don’t have to but can pose — to our democracy and our values,” President Biden said in brief remarks from the Roosevelt Room at the White House. (👂️Helios would add “clear-eared” to that statement.) Biden also focuses on the potential future of artificial intelligence: “there’s enormous, enormous potential upside as well.”

AI Concerns were also discussed at the UN Security Council Meeting (July 18, 2023)

To Infinity and Beyond! 🚀

Transparency is at the core of the Helios mission. While AI concerns are discussed on the world stage, Helios remains committed to bringing transparency to financial markets and human communication at large. Our insights wouldn’t be possible without the help of our bionic ears that listen through the noise and derive meaning that matters.

As AI rapidly becomes a common member in today’s work, we are focused on the enormous upside that lies in AI’s possibilities. Helios is your gateway to a brighter future, where AI empowers, rather than threatens. Experience the true potential of AI, crafted with care and responsibility. Let's shape a better world together! 🌐

See you next week!

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Finance Fact of the Week: The prize money for the current Women’s World Cup is $110 million, up from $30 million at the last World Cup (but is still only a quarter of the $440 million prize money for the men’s World Cup win). ⚽️💰️🏆️
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