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The nearly 60 billion all-stock merger between Exxon Mobil and Pioneer Natural Resources Company is the largest corporate deal of 2023.

Things Are Getting Serious 🤑 

Back in the '90s, Exxon and Mobil orchestrated a $75 billion merger, and now, Exxon Mobil is making a slick almost $60 billion move to acquire Pioneer Natural Resources Company. It seems like it may be easier to buy an oil company than to dig for black gold.

“I’m almost 71, we celebrated Pioneer’s 25th anniversary last year… and the timing was right.”

Scott Sheffield, Pioneer Natural Resources Company CEO

The merger, an all-stock deal worth $59.5 billion, equivalent to $253 per share based on Exxon Mobil's October 5, 2023 closing price, dictates that Pioneer shareholders will get 2.3234 Exxon Mobil shares for every Pioneer share at the transaction's close. This mega-merger has ignited debates, and we await the FTC's perspective on the matter. (Recall our prior newsletter, in which we discussed the FTC's pursuit of an antitrust lawsuit against Amazon.)

Breakups Aren’t Fun

Speaking of major news in the world of relationships...

”He directed me to commit these crimes”

Sam Bankman-Fried, the brain behind FTX, is currently facing trial over allegations of defrauding customers, investors, and engaging in money laundering. He launched FTX in 2019, which eventually grew into one of the world's biggest cryptocurrency empires. However, questions have been raised about the ethics of his business practices, with claims that he used FTX funds to support a crypto-focused hedge fund named Alameda Research. During the recent trial in New York, Sam's ex-girlfriend, Caroline Ellison (former CEO of Alameda Research), took the stand, testifying that Sam wielded control and blurred the lines between business and personal relationships. It seems the old saying "don't mix business and pleasure" holds some truth.

Called It

The importance of your tone cannot be overstated. Did you catch Helios' press release discussing how they foresaw the FTX debacle using voice analysis with Earnings Polygraph™? Given that a hefty 38% of human communication is tied to the way we speak, there's a treasure trove of insights hidden in voice data. With Helios' Earnings Polygraph™, you can unearth these nuanced cues and leverage them to seize profitable trading prospects.

Going Once… Going Twice…

Meet our ally, Markets EQ, specializing in equipping financial experts with valuable insights. Their platform is tailored for those in investor relations, corporate strategy, M&A, buy-side analysis, regulators, and anyone who relies on executive communication to make decisions. Don't pass up on the opportunity for a complimentary demo! Secure your slot now, as being a part of the Helios Universe comes with its own set of advantages.

Fun fact: Did you know this week is the 2023 USA Mullet Championship?

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Finance Fact of the Week: The first ATM in the United States was introduced in September 1969 at the Chemical Bank branch in Rockville Center, New York. The following year, a British engineer named James Goodfellow came up with the concept of a personal identification number (PIN).
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