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Helios transforms complex data into actionable insights

Earnings Polygraph™ Gives You the Power

Our advanced AI technology deconstructs elaborate data sets to give you a visually engaging report that is easy to understand. Right now, Helios' Earnings Polygraph™ offers a package of 24 reports covering Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, Charles Schwab, Key Corp, First Republic, First Hawaiian, and Comerica Inc. Helios doesn’t tell you how to manage your money, we give you the power to choose the next move to make with the expertise of our intelligence.

To Whom It May Concern

An awesome feature of our Helios' Earnings Polygraph™ is the Behavior Risk Level. This reveals the executive’s degree of distress during an earning call, helping you to make informed investment decisions with knowledge of anticipated risk. As the Behavior Risk Level increases, the red flags get bigger and brighter.

Keep Your Optimism

It’s common to have an optimistic bias at times, hoping that things will turn out well for you. With the recent chaos happening with the banking sector, it’s also understandable why you just as well may take the opposite perspective when it comes to your investing. Helios sorts out feelings vs facts! Earnings Polygraph™ can help you keep your rose-colored glasses, whether that be to help you be aware of warning signs or continue seeing life in a positive light. Meet with us to learn more.

“It's wild to think that 20 years ago, there was no way to understand an executive's voice during critical corporate events. Now you have a tonal transcript product that can do just that.”

A Valued Helios Client

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Finance Fact of the Week: A penny costs more to make than it’s worth. A recent report from the United States Mint says it costs 2.1 cents to make a penny. Source:
About Helios Life Enterprises

Helios Life Enterprises (HLE) is a pioneer in voice-based tonal analysis. HLE is the first and currently only company to conceive and devise a widely available data platform that delivers systematic analytics of an executive’s voice during critical corporate events. These analytics provide novel information that is useful for predicting future earnings surprises, company performance, and cumulative abnormal returns in the context of M&A events. Core product offerings include the Comprehend product suite for buy-side investors of all sizes and in limited pilot Mercury; a scaled research and audio analytics platform that allows a firm to extract full tonal value from their own proprietary audio.