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Amidst uncertainty, Helios delivers dependable insights, empowering proactive measures to safeguard your investments.

Are You Sure? 🤔 

Have you ever thrown a question at someone only to get an answer so brimming with confidence that you didn't even consider fact-checking?

AI swoops in like a superhero, giving us impressive responses at lightning speed. But as we trust AI tools like ChatGPT (hello, college students!) for spot-on answers, we've had a little wake-up call—turns out, not all replies are golden. Researchers even used the term "hallucinations" for those moments when AI takes a creative leap and serves up some made-up magic.

So, does this imply AI isn't trustworthy? Not at all. But consider this perspective:

The synergy between humans and AI is like a tag team for accuracy. While AI can crunch data and provide rapid responses, humans bring critical thinking and context to the table. This collaboration ensures that AI's lightning-fast answers are double-checked for accuracy, nuances, and real-world applicability. Humans catch what AI might miss, refining responses to be truly on point. In the end, it's this partnership that crafts the most reliable and well-rounded answers.

EP™ for the Win 🏆️ 

Helios ’ sophisticated technology handles the complex task of analyzing voices during earnings calls, saving you time and effort. The subtle nuances of leadership's vocal signals to anticipate forthcoming company trends. Gone are the days of uncertain trading decisions – with Helios Earnings Polygraph™, you can seize opportunities armed with the unwavering confidence of accuracy. The fusion of our AI expertise and scientific proficiency elevates your investment intelligence to unprecedented levels.

When humans and AI join forces, it can be like combining superpowers.

Don't settle for AI flying solo; make sure it's backed by science and partnered with human experts… like Helios!

Speaking of Settling…

The company known as 3M has opted to settle for a sum of 6 million dollars. The reason behind this? Well, it's linked to over 300,000 veterans who have raised concerns that the earplugs provided by 3M didn't quite live up to their promise of preventing hearing loss during military service. However, 3M is holding its ground, asserting that their earplugs are indeed effective when used correctly. The 6 million dollars will be divvied up over the span of the next five years.

But that's not all the legal drama in 3M's corner. There's another ongoing legal tussle involving those mysterious PFSAs – chemicals that have a dubious reputation for causing significant health issues in humans. For those eager to stay in the loop, you can listen to 3M's latest earnings report from July 25th, where executives addressed these legal matters and how they're shaping the company's stock trajectory- brought to you by our friends at Aiera. 😃 

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Finance Fact of the Week: Visa is the largest fintech company with a valuation of almost half a trillion USD. 💳️ 
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