Chomping at the Bit

With BlackRock's earnings call just around the corner, the significance of thorough analysis intensifies among eager investors.

FYI: Opening day at Saratoga race track is July 13th.

No Horsing Around

The evolution of language and its meanings can be seen in the transformation of the original phrase "champing" at the bit to "chomping" in America in 1930. This serves as a compelling example of how language adapts and changes over time. Understanding the true essence of communication holds great power, and Helios is here to assist you. Here are a few examples of words that have undergone shifts in meaning:

  1. Awful: Once meant "full of awe" or "inspiring reverence," but now commonly refers to something negative or terrible.

  2. Nice: Previously referred to someone being foolish or ignorant, but today it typically conveys kindness or pleasantness.

  3. Decimate: Initially meant to reduce by one-tenth, but now often used to describe extensive destruction or significant reduction.

  4. Literally: Once strictly used for exact occurrences, but now often used for emphasis or as a figurative expression.

  5. Singular: Formerly used to describe uniqueness or exceptionalism, but now often signifies something strange or peculiar.

These examples highlight the dynamic nature of language and how meanings can evolve over time.

Let’s Go Larry!

Larry Fink, the visionary CEO of BlackRock, is known for his profound insights. With BlackRock overseeing nearly five trillion dollars of assets, his words carry significant weight. As far back as 2015 in an interview with Harvard Business Review, Fink has acknowledged the immense potential of AI to boost productivity and transform various industries. At Helios, we share Fink's enthusiasm for AI's capabilities. As we eagerly await the upcoming earnings call on July 14th, we invite you to leverage Aiera, our trusted partner, to enhance your experience by accessing the call transcript and listening in to gain valuable insights. Isn't it crucial to accurately grasp the real message being conveyed?

You may be wondering where the earnings that Fink will be discussing come from. Here is an outline of BlackRock’s business model— for context when listening to the call.

Intelligence Without Bias

Accurately understanding someone's message minimizes misinterpretation, cultivates trust, and facilitates informed decision-making. With Helios’ Earnings Polygraph™ and its unbiased, scientific computational intelligence, you can trust the full message being conveyed. Say goodbye to time-consuming call interpretation - our comprehensive reports save you valuable time. Take the leap and get started with Helios today!

See you next week!

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Jessica Steward

Product Lead, Earnings Polygraph™

Finance Fact of the Week: The movie Jerry Maguire had a budget of $50 million and grossed more than $273 million world-wide.
Upcoming Earnings Calls
  1. BlackRock- July 14 at 730am EST

  2. Lithia Motors

  3. Asbury Automotive Group, Inc.

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