Doing the Robot

As the distinction between AI and human contributions emerges, Helios effortlessly merges human expertise with artificial intelligence to produce an enhanced product.


For Real

False information and digital tricks are on the rise. The proposed solution is digital watermarking—a hidden signature in AI-generated content that uncovers fakes and protects real content.

Key players like Biden and the European Union are supporting this tech fix. They're giving the thumbs-up to AI content that proudly shows its watermark, like a proof of authenticity. But creating strong watermarks and good detection tools is no easy task. As we embrace these tech advances, let's not forget our instincts—improving our fact-checking skills and spotting shady stories. It's a mix of cool technology and smart thinking, ready to tackle challenges from AI generated content.

The Perfect Combo

Helios doesn't just rely on AI for an exceptional product; we harness the power of both humans and AI to deliver excellence. Our product isn't left unchecked; we employ a highly skilled human team to review the process. This ensures that our clients, who are also human, can grasp and utilize the insights effectively.

“Artificial intelligence is the hottest topic in tech right now, but Helios Life Enterprises was already ahead of the curve. Helios is developing technology it says can analyze and derive meaning from tonal shifts in speech, specifically in the comments made by executives during earnings calls.”

It’s a Small World

For years, Disney has been leveraging AI technology, and now, there's a buzz about Disney forming an AI task force to delve into imaginative applications of artificial intelligence across its entertainment domain. Rolled out this year, the program aims to drive internal AI progress and partnerships with startups, as evident from the 11 AI-focused job opportunities that span across divisions like studios, theme parks, and advertising.

AI's potential extends exciting possibilities for Disney, from enhancing park experiences to revolutionizing movie production costs. This AI embrace aligns with Disney's longstanding innovation legacy, mirroring its historical ventures like "Steamboat Willie" in 1928 and its extensive patent collection. Amid ethical considerations and industry shifts, Disney's AI move showcases its dedication to shaping the future of entertainment.

No Prompts Needed

AI tools often require prompts or instructions to function effectively. In each case, providing clear and specific prompts helps guide the AI tool's output in the desired direction. Here are some AI tools that require your instructions or at least encouragement:

  • Language Generators

  • Chatbots

  • Image Generators

  • Code Generators

  • Music Composers

  • Translation Tools

  • Data Analysis Tools

  • Content Summarizers

  • Recommendation Systems

  • Virtual Assistants

Guess what doesn’t need a prompt?

Helios Earnings Polygraph™

Why? Because you don't have to be a machine to understand the report. No need to teach a whole crew to decipher data. Talk about saving both time and money! Contact us to let us know what companies you’d like greater insight into…

See you next week!!!

Best regards,

Jessica Steward

Product Lead, Earnings Polygraph™

Finance Fact of the Week: Until the Federal Reserve was created in 1908, individual banks could create their own money.
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