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Helios’ Earnings Polygraph™ now offering reports that reveal insight hidden within the banking sector.

Making History

Monday’s shutdown of First Republic Bank marks the nation’s second largest bank failure, with three of the four largest bank failures in the history of the United States happening in the past two months. First Republic executives opted out of Q&A during their most recent earnings call. This worried investors and for good reason. If they did not decline the Q&A section, would we still have been alarmed? Helios recognizes the critical need to unveil the hidden truths that can protect investors’ money and reveal warning signs.

Earnings Polygraph™ Available NOW!

Helios’ Earnings Polygraph™ is available to purchase now! Our new exclusive banking package offers a total of 24 reports. These reports show the most recent earnings call in 2023 as well as two historical reports for eight companies, both regional and multi-national. The regional banking companies we focus on are First Republic, First Hawaiian, Key Corp, and Comerica Inc. The multinational banks included in the reports are Charles Schwab, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, and Goldman Sachs. To secure your banking reports, click here.

Sean Austin: Co Founder & CEO of Helios on Harnessing the Power of Voice Tone with AI

Keeping It Real

Helios’ CEO and Co-Founder, Sean Austin was featured on the Zero-Shot podcast this week. Sean had a candid conversation with Kevin Rosenquist discussing the motivation behind creating Helios and future implications of this voice tone analysis. Sean addresses that while this new technology may sound scary for some, it also amplifies human qualities to enhance experiences that transcend the finance world.

An Exciting Future

Helios’ Earnings Polygraph™ is one investment you’ll make that is unlike others. Money spent on Earnings Polygraph can help you take control of your investments in a way that was previously unavailable. Our technology is groundbreaking, literally no one compares.

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Jessica Steward

Product Lead, Earnings Polygraph™

About Helios Life Enterprises

Helios Life Enterprises (HLE) is a pioneer in voice-based tonal analysis. HLE is the first and currently only company to conceive and devise a widely available data platform that delivers systematic analytics of an executive’s voice during critical corporate events. These analytics provide novel information that is useful for predicting future earnings surprises, company performance, and cumulative abnormal returns in the context of M&A events. Core product offerings include the Comprehend product suite for buy-side investors of all sizes and in limited pilot Mercury; a scaled research and audio analytics platform that allows a firm to extract full tonal value from their own proprietary audio.